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8th March 2008, 07:26 PM
I needed to shoot some 16:9 aspect ratio shots to go on a digital display screen with that format. I used my E1 with it's standard (F1) focussing screen. It all went well, but more by luck than judgment!

I decided I really like the 16:9 format - and undoubtedly will have to shoot in it again anyway, given its "popularity" imposed by digital photo frames! - and wondered if anyone makes a focussing screen with a 16:9 grid (my little Ixus 70 has! - well it can be supered on the viewing screen). I couldn't find one, so I bought an Oly F2 screen, and can report that if the 16:9 top and bottom are just outside the top and bottom lines of the F2 grid - so if you shoot using the top and bottom lines on the F2, you'll be comfortably within the 16:9 ratio.

I daresay some of you could have told me that - but it was fun finding out for myself.

On another tack, I've ordered my Zuiko 25mm from Digital Depot. At last, what I've been waiting for ever since I bought my E1!