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25th November 2010, 11:34 PM
Hi Folks,
As the title says, could anyone suggest the best settings on the E-500 to get the maximum sharpness/detail on the picture,I know this probably sounds like a silly question but I'm really struggling at the mo in the current light with the 70-300mm lens on,my images are somewhat "soft/fuzzy' I've noticed the sharpness mode in the settings for VIVID,NATURAL ETC, could this help???



Kindest regards

26th November 2010, 12:19 AM
Hi mark,

I'm not surprised you're having difficulty keeping these birds sharp, they don't half shift! :D

I'd say for the subject they are more than acceptably sharp. However, tweaking the settings can improve the look of your images. Exactly how is down to personal preference but from memory I used to set my E-500 to Natural, Contrast 0, Sharpness -2. The reason for this is I wanted as natural result as possible. In particular I set a minus value for sharpening because it's easy to add sharpening in processing but not to reduce it.

I've done a quick tweak of your first picture in Elements, although it didn't really need much. I noticed that the histogram was bunched in the middle, showing that the flat light had not used the full dynamic range of the centre. To get a little more punch I moved the right and left sliders inwards until they almost touched the edges of the histogram curve on either side. Next, as the light was so flat, I boosted contrast by around 25%. Finally, I sharpened the picture a little. I don't know if you sharpened when you processed but you normally need to when you resize the image. Just ask if you need further explanation. :)


This is a great shot. :)

26th November 2010, 12:26 AM
Hi Mark. Two great shots.
I had the same thoughts as John but he got there ahead of me.:)
Here's my version of the second one similarly adjusted in the GIMP.



26th November 2010, 12:34 AM
I couldn't resist playing with the second one as well. This time the histogram was bunche to the left indicating a touch of underexposure. This was quickly fixed by dragging the right slider to meet the right of the histogram curve. No adjustment of the left slider was necessary. As before I boosted contrast by 25% and sharpened a little. Oh, and I cropped the picture to remove the distracting, bland sky.


These really are dramatic pictures. You and the E-500 did very well!

26th November 2010, 12:37 AM
Ah, Peter, I see we both had the same idea! Bit faster than your normal birds, aren't they? :D

Ulfric M Douglas
26th November 2010, 09:30 AM
Hi Mark.
You do seem to be in a challenging situation regarding getting the sharpest pictures on your system : someon'es stuck you up atop a huge crane on a mountainside while fast jets circle you at terrifying speed ... that would induce some camera shake in me certainly.
(Joking) :)
With 70-300 on an e-500 you're getting great pictures. I don't see how these could be improved without going up equipment-wise or getting really lucky.
Isn't the sensor on the e-510 a little 'sharper'? Or the new e-5.
Would the expensive 50-200 & E1.4 be able to give you a quicker shutter and possibly sharper pictures?

Not my department but it has to be said these are impressive photos!

Edit: Your EXIF shows ISO500 and F5.6
I'm thinking perhaps a cheap e-510 body would give you an extra (not a replacement) option with different colours, contrast, sharpness and a higher useable ISO limit. (The more modern e-520, e-620 may not be as sharp as your e-500 so I'm not pushing them.)
A bigger lens would give you more light for quicker focusing, wider aperture (when required) ... but that'd cost more than the e-510 body anyway ...
(I only have the 40-150 so I'm going by what I've read.)

26th November 2010, 11:46 AM
Ah, Peter, I see we both had the same idea! Bit faster than your normal birds, aren't they? :D

And a lot noisier too.*yes

26th November 2010, 09:22 PM
Thanks folks,
I'll need to get myself some decent editing software methinks,
They do look a lot better after some tweaking :)

Thanks again folks
Kindest regards