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13th November 2010, 02:07 PM
I have now carried out a test with the ZD 70-300 and the results can be seen here > here. (http://peterd-2009.smugmug.com/Test-Images/E5-with-ZD-70-300/14632638_hwiUN#1088747765_M3rBc)
Sample image http://peterd-2009.smugmug.com/Test-Images/E5-with-ZD-70-300/14632638_hwiUN#1088747765_M3rBc-XL-LB

Most of the images were taken at ISO 1600 and NONE have had any form of PP (including noise reduction) applied. They were transferred to Olympus ib, jpg images copied across to a folder for lightroom (Lightroom cannot accept the jpg images when RAW is alongside) and all Lightroom presets were removed.

I leave the files for you to download and play with but things will get EVEN better when a compatable ACR is released by Adobe.

The ZD 70-300 was not a lens of my choice and AF performance has not noticeably improved over the E3 (IMHO). IQ however has been lifted which supports the claim by Olympus.

Hope you enjoy playing with these - Sigma 150mm DG Macro is the next lens.

For those interested in following what has been done so far, I have created a link page on my site which you can access here (http://www.imageinuk.com/Test-Images/Olympus-E5-Tests/14609316_v3e24).

20th December 2010, 10:19 PM
Sorry, just noted that the image was missing. I could not edit the original post so I have used the reply method.

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