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Jim Ford
22nd October 2010, 01:43 PM
Any ideas on stopping the subject from having their eyes closed in the photo? Is it just a matter of upping the ISO and/or opening the aperture, so that the flash duration is shorter, or is there a 'trick'?


Bikie John
22nd October 2010, 02:21 PM
The flash duration is so short that the subject wouldn't have time to blink during the shot - it's of the order of a thousandth of a second. So changing ISO/aperture etc. will have no effect. The only thing you can do is press the shutter when they aren't blinking.

Of course this is easier said than done. Some people will just blink instinctively, it seems to be some reaction to seeing the finger on the shutter. Others will concentrate so hard on not blinking that they end up with a peculiar expression like an over-Botoxed film star.

Usually taking several shots and making sure the subject is relaxed will help, but I have found some people are just impossible to catch with their eyes open. The most extreme trick I have resorted to is to set the camera on self-timer, cover up any warning lights, stand close to the camera and talk to the subject about something completely different, making sure that you keep their full attention. You will get them looking slightly out of shot, but that is better than looking asleep - or dead.

Any further tips from our experienced portraitists will be appreciated!

Ciao ... John