View Full Version : E-5 powered by new BLM-5 battery (BLM-1 to be discontinued)

21st September 2010, 07:23 AM
I had not noticed until I had a look at the E-5 section on the Olympus UK website that the E-5 is supplied with a new BLM-5 battery which in turn uses a new charger the BCM-5.

After looking a bit harder this new battery will now replace the trusty BLM-1 which Olympus will discontinue with the release of the BLM-5. The BLM-1 can be used in the E-5 (but is not recommended) conversely, the BLM-5 can be used in the existing E series cameras. As a word of caution, Olympus state that the respective batteries must only be used with their dedicated charger/s. If you would like more information here is a link to the Olympus release that gives more details.


This new battery seems to have been a result of new EU safety legislation that will apply from 2011 onwards. It is pleasing that anyone who buys an E-5 that has built up a stock of BLM-1 batteries has been catered for and does not have to buy some spare BLM-5 batteries.


Chris *chr