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17th September 2010, 02:27 PM
Iíve not yet aired my opinion on the E5 but Iíve enjoyed reading others opinions both positive and negative.

To pick up on some common points,

Only 12 MP!
Most of us here (Iím assuming) donít need any more, you can easily print up to A1 and beyond if you really need to..whatís the problem?

Art Filters
Originally a doubter with these on the E30 Iíve come to use them on occasion and yes they can even be fun, Iíve made money out of them on some print sales, if you donít want to use them, donít itís that simple.

This is new to me, and Iím looking forward to it, I know that for some professionals video is now an invaluable tool especially for photojournalists, I can also see it as a useful tool, perhaps for recording a scene that youíve just taken a Ďstillí of (for a clients benefit, or later reference) or as a reminder of a scene that you want to return to when better lighting conditions prevail, heck letís not get to serious you could also video the kids in the garden! (Yes I know it could have been 1080 but personally Iím not convinced youíd notice the difference, 720 is OK, really)

I exhibit and sell prints framed and mounted via my own website and through local galleries, I only do it part time as I also have a Ďproperí job, I also have to admit that with both the E30 and E3 Iíve not explored or use many of the features on offer, my work flow is quite basic having been bought up on Prakticas!! (the LB2 was a cracker)

Anyway, using the now outdated and much maligned E3 Iíve managed to afford this year (via print sales) a 14-35 which Iíve had now for a few weeks. (lovely)

I really donít think I need to upgrade but of course I will over the course of time because thatís the way of things.

My point in all this is that I believe that for me anyway the E5 will be more that adequate, just as the E3 has proven to be so and itís good to know that with the new processing engine and a few more pixels even using my basic workflow, output will show improvement, will I sell more prints as a result? Well who knows, but one thing I know for sure is that I will still be the same photographer with the same creative limitationsÖÖ that I suspect will never change.

17th September 2010, 03:45 PM
Good points, Neil, and glad to hear your print sales are going well. :)

17th September 2010, 06:15 PM
I agree too, good points *chr

I was one of the negatives ones a few days ago when I saw the spec of the camera, but I have been thinking about the exact points you have made.

I was disappointed because I want to get a new camera before the end of the year, I had initially made my mind up to switch to canon, but was waiting to see the e5 spec

I have been pricing up all the canon stuff I need and then read reviews, no probs with the bodies - I would get what I want low noise, but..... the lenses :(

If I want to match my 12-60mm for quality im goner be looking to spend at least £1,500 for a canon lens.

Even the kit 40-150mm stands out quality wise compared to the lower end canon lenses

On still on the fence here, but the more I think about the e5, the more it makes sense, if they have improved the noise issues I think I will be sold by it and I can buy the new e5 body, maybe another lens and still save a load of money from switching

Cant wait to see some real world sample shots :D