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25th August 2010, 09:28 PM
I don't normally cross post the same thing between forums, but I'm looking for a little assistance; I have a couple of queries for the panel.
This is also posted over at FourthirdsPhoto (http://forum.fourthirdsphoto.com/showthread.php?p=506944#poststop) and fourthirds-user (http://fourthirds-user.com/forum/showthread.php?p=60736#poststop)

I'm considering doing a DIY IR conversion to keep me occupied over the winter evenings.
I've just acquired a cheap E-300 with a couple of minor faults to practice on. It only cost me 15, so I don't have much to loose.
It seems to lack saturation in the greens, and the other issue is quite odd really. You cannot manually focus in SF+MF mode.
The fly by wire works fine in MF mode, so I presume the lens contacts are OK, but that's an aside really.

My main query is, what size is the anti alias filter in E system bodies?
Jens has used 18x23mm for his E-1 conversions and someone else has used 17x22mm for the E-300, someone else has used 22.2x17.3mm for the E-330, though I suspect they may all actually be the same size.
I was really wondering what size the E-4xx or E-5xx filters are. Has anyone on here done there own conversion?

It would make sense for me to get more than one slice of glass cut at a time, but there's no point in getting them all the same size if the E-300 is different to the E-420. The latter will be my preferred final job when I've had a practice on the E-300 due to both the size and it's ability to Contrast AF.
I'd also prefer to get the glass in stock before starting the job, to minimise dust problems.

Also does anyone have any experience of the need to use bubble checked glass, as I have varying opinions from the suppliers I've canvassed up to press.
Some say you should only use bubble checked glass inside the camera, others that Schott glass is good enough not to need checking.
Non-checked glass can be supplied to me at 50 for 4 slices, whereas bubble checked is 50 to 60 per slice from different suppliers. These prices are for RG830 and are plus P&P and 17.5% VAT

I have asked the size question of Oly in Germany, but as expected they weren't able to assist as the infomation is confidential. I can't really blame them.
I'd love to know how to adjust/calibrate the AF; I wonder if it's done with screws, shims or in software.
I've already got a sheet of Lee 87 plastic IR filter to try and fool the AF as Jens suggested in his article.

Incidentally, there's lots of interesting DIY links Here (http://4photos.de/camera-diy/index-en.html)