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11th August 2010, 07:32 PM
Folks, I have a query for you.

Does anyone know how to do a full factory/service reset on the E-300. I don't mean from the menu, but one which will probably be a series of button presses with the CF door open.

The reason I ask is that I was searching E-bay for a cheap broken E-series body to dismantle with a view to working out how to emulate others on here and attempt an IR conversion.

I dropped on an E-300, which whilst it wasn't what I was looking for, was cheap at 12 + P&P. (I was really after a duff 410 or something similarly small, so I could practice on a body that was already broken, before starting on a good one.)

I wasn't expecting it to work but put a battery & card in it anyway. Essentially it functions, but with the odd foible which a full re-set might cure.

Greens are washed out where the subject matter is predominantly green. It's almost as though the auto WB is fooling itself.

Fly by wire manual focus works fine, if you set focusing to "MF" but not if you set it to "SF + MF", which seems odd.

There may be others that I've not spotted yet.

Any ideas please.

11th August 2010, 09:26 PM
From the good folks over the pond;

This works on the E-300

1) Set to P mode
2) Open CF card door
3) Switch on
4) Hold Playback+Ok for a few seconds
5) E-300 should display
6) Release and again hold Playback+Ok for 5 seconds
7) Press Ok to reset and turn off camera

It didn't cure the MF problem though and it's dark outside now, so I'll have to check out the colour issue tomorrow.:(

14th August 2010, 11:08 PM
As one of the few lovers and users of the E-300, be advised to switch the white balance to 5300 on manual, and only reset it manually or it will drive you mad. The auto white balance has always been a problem, as is the difficulty to focus in low light, but given its few foibles, the E-300 can give you superb images with good lenses attached.