View Full Version : HELP! Using xD and CF at the same time

17th July 2010, 01:48 AM
Okay, so today I got an 8 gig CF card to go along with my 2 gig xD card,

Tomorrow I have a wedding to take pictures at, so I'd appreciate a quick answer tonight seeing as is 8:46 PM here....

Well I know on some camera's there is an option to save RAW images to the CF card and JPEGs to the SD or in this case xD card.... I really need to know if there is any such option on this camera and how to get through it. I've went through the menus and I could have sworn I'd seen it months ago, but the option has seemed to disappear.

Thanks in advance.

17th July 2010, 07:56 AM
No, I don't think your average Olympus will do that. I set mine to write raw and jpeg but they go to the same card. One nice trick if you are doing a wedding is to take a laptop so you can copy the card straight away (careful now, don't erase it !!!). Then you can set the laptop to do a slideshow of the jpegs during the meal and speeches - assuming US weddings have the same form as UK ones.

Hints. Make sure the slideshow software can autorotate your images for you. If you do slideshow your unedited images like this, set the individual image time to only two seconds - otherwise folks get bored and they get to see your bad shots for too long :)

The (only) advantage of the xD port is that it gives me more storage space if the CF fills up and I didn't notice it. You can point the camera at the other card in a matter of seconds and keep shooting.

Hope this helps


17th July 2010, 08:32 AM
I think one of the biggest benefits of having 2 cards loaded is being able to copy a "keeper" onto the xd card. Having your best shots on two separate cards is good insurance if you don't have a laptop available to download onto.

Also, normally it's best to set the camera to write to the CF card as it is normally faster than the XD card, but you knew that.


17th July 2010, 02:25 PM
Thanks guys, and I would bring my laptop, but the screen is broke so I have to have it hooked up to a regular, old, tv-style monitor at the moment :/

I guess I'l just have to hope my mother's laptop will have a slot on it for CF or xD cards. It's 9:20 AM here and I'm getting ready, even though the wedding is at 5:00 PM

The main thing I'm worried about though is that there is a chance of rain today and it's supposed to be an outdoor poolisde wedding at a soon-to-be-relative's house. I hope it'll be cloudy and just not rain though so I can get the soft lightinig needed for portraits.